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Posted on July 22, 2015

  • Upper Tier Tribual rejects ‘Fleming’ claim
    A rather terse Upper Tier decision in relation to a Fleming claim of around £3.5m, but which, at the time of submission, was not precisely quantified. The taxpayer had lost at FTT, and raised 4 arguments against the decision. The UKUT Judge rapidly rejected all 4 arguments. – [More]
  • Claiming VAT which is charged at the wrong rate?
    In the Construction sector, this can be a problem, not just between taxpayers and HMRC, but also between Contractor and his customer. Where a Contractor charges VAT at the standard rate, but the supply should be charged at the reduced 5% rate; what can the customer do? – [More]
  • Prepare properly for your Tribunal Hearing!
    I was reading a FTT case which was messy, as a result of poor preparation by both parties., particularly the taxpayer. This left the Tribunal Chairman struggling to provide a coherent decision. – [More]
  • Reduced rate for ‘Solid Roof System’?
    A building contractor installed the ‘Solid Roof System,’ a system for insulating conservatories, which involved the supply of a tiled roof. HMRC had challenged the view that the product should be reduced rated as the installation of energy saving materials. – [More]
  • Evidence of removal – again!
    This is a perennial issue, which causes trouble for some taxpayers. Goods sold to another taxable person in another Member State are zero rated subject to meeting certain conditions. VAT Regulation 134 provides the legal basis of this. – [More]