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I regularly blog on Accounting Web about the latest development and news in the world of VAT. Here are my latest posts:-

  • Flat Rate Scheme and Cross Border Supplies
    During 2014, perhaps the question I have been asked most often is how a taxable person using the FRS (Flat Rate Scheme) has to treat cross-border supplies. - [More]
  • Shocking Flat Rate Scheme Decision by HMRC
    A Tribunal decision has provided further evidence of the difficulties that HMRC find in monitoring taxpayers' use of the Flat Rate Scheme (FRS), and how they handle situations when there is an apparent error. - [More]
  • Reduced Rate for Construction Works
    One of those perennial questions: - how does a Transfer of a Going Concern (TOGC) interact with VAT registration? - [More]
  • Public Interest Bodies
    There is an important VAT exemption for so-called 'public interest bodies.' However, over the past few years, HMRC have won a number of Tribunal cases, successfully arguing that their activities fall outside the exemption. - [More]
  • Is That Penalty Fair?
    A huge number of VAT and Tax penalties are issued and appealed each year. Few of the decisions raise any significant point of wider significance. - [More]
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