When working with an existing client or pitching for a new one, VAT is often overlooked, but having that VAT insight can be the hook for the win!


Whether you offer a VAT service in house or not, there are many benefits to having an independent VAT specialist to pass work to. Sometimes restriction on the work that you can do under independence rules means you cannot service your client’s needs in-house.

Accountant shaking hands

We specialise in working with our accountant clients on projects such as:

  • complex VAT issues – land and property or cross border transactions for example.
  • business reorganisations – connected advice delivery.
  • deal due diligence.

It means that:

  • there are no independence issues when carrying out audit and accounts work.
  • the risk of your client finding another accountancy firm that does VAT and moving all their business is much reduced.
  • You carry none of the PI risk for the advice.

We have a simplified on-boarding process that means there is no delay if the project needs a quick turnaround or issues have been flagged with an urgent deadline.  We are easy to work with as we understand both your needs and the needs of the client. We have walked in your shoes.

We pride ourselves on being proactive and will ensure your client is given the best possible advice. We take into account both the VAT implications and commercial considerations.

What we do for your clients

We provide marketing material to you, that you can pass to your client that explains our relationship and why it makes sense to use a third party. VAT is not something to ‘dabble in’ – it’s a fast moving environment where the rules and regulations can change quickly.


We deliver a first class client service, akin to your own and keep you informed every step of the way, where clients consent.

Contact our team today for a discussion about what you need and how we can help.