VAT investigation

The UK VAT legislation is becoming increasingly complex and is constantly changing, often in response to the European legislation on which it is based. This makes it a minefield for businesses and organisations whether they are a not-for-profit or a commercial trading company.


We know that HMRC are under mounting pressure to increase the amount of tax revenue collected. As a result this has led to a concerted effort on compliance and enforcement action, and the associated penalties for non-compliance.  The penalties regime is heavily reliant on the concept of ‘reasonable care’, a highly subjective concept that often draws businesses and organisations into dispute with HMRC. A dispute with HMRC can become a costly and time consuming exercise and will invariably draw resources and focus away from your core business activity.


We have extensive experience managing disputes with HMRC and negotiating on behalf of individuals and businesses. We can support you in your dealings with HMRC or take on the management of the dispute on your behalf, working alongside your existing accountant should you so wish. We deal with all types of HMRC, enquiries and investigations and negotiated settlements. Our team also have experience in:

  • Advice and support with appeals
  • Discovery processes
  • Information powers
  • Penalties
  • Tribunal hearings

We have already helped numerous clients already come to vastly agreeable terms.

But don’t let it get that far…

Let us carry out a VAT review of your business to help you avoid potential penalties and identify opportunities to mitigate VAT.


Our team offer assistance and advice on a range of VAT issues from routine VAT questions, support you during a VAT inspection by HMRC or dealing with complex VAT issues such as potential exemptions, the capital goods scheme or land and property. We aim to provide rounded VAT advice, seeking to identify VAT issues before they arise and presenting VAT saving opportunities applicable to the particular circumstances.